Illumina Progressive Lenses

The latest technology in progressive lenses

Demanding lifestyles deserve a truly progressive lens. With so many individual lifestyles, activities and needs, presbyopes have become tough customers to please. Vision-Ease has engineered Illumina no-line progressive lenses for optimum performance and comfort. Illumina offers an extra-wide close vision area for reading and computer use, and optimized distance area for driving and everyday activities.

Illumina progressive lenses have a very gradual progression between different distances. With Illumina, you’ll enjoy clear, natural vision that fits your lifestyle.

When you’re diagnosed with presbyopia, you’re suddenly faced with many choices. Fortunately, one choice is easy. With Illumina — utilizing the latest technology in progressive design — you are guaranteed satisfaction. You will notice larger viewing areas without compromise, a significant reduction of eye and head movements, and ultimately, improved viewing comfort.

Presbyopia. Big word. No big deal.

What is presbyopia?
By the time most people reach their 40’s, the natural process of aging begins to affect their vision. The crystalline lens is what allows the eye to focus. As we age, our crystalline lens thickens and progressively loses its flexibility to the point where we have trouble focusing on near points. It’s called presbyopia. Nobody escapes it – men and women, people who already wear glasses and those who don’t yet. Our vision will diminish, then stabilize at around 60 years old. It’s natural.

Seeing naturally with presbyopia.
Your lenses should fit your lifestyle just like your frames do. No-line progressives utilize the latest advances in technology to maintain natural eye movement in a lens that is indistinguishable from single-vision lenses. Now you can see as well as you did before presbyopia without ever having to resort to the “Benjamin Franklin” bifocal look.

How do I know I have Presbyopia?

When you start having difficulty focusing on near points.
For many people, signs include difficulty reading in low light environments (such as restaurants) or having to hold a newspaper or book at arms length in order to read them. Presbyopia is not a visual defect but rather a natural evolution of your eyes.

How do I correct presbyopia?
The only solution is the use of lenses that increase the power of the eye. Three types of lenses are available: progressive line-free lenses, multifocal lenses, and reading glasses. Based on your lifestyle and activities, your optician will help you chose the best option for you. Bear in mind that as your presbyopia evolves, your lenses need to be re-evaluated every 2 years.

Progressive line-free lenses like Illumina utilize the most advanced lens technology available and are usually the best option for presbyopes. Progressive lenses simulate natural vision, meaning they perform closest to how your eyes focus naturally. To re-establish clear vision at all distances; the power of the lens gradually changes between the upper zone of the lens (for distance vision) and the lower zone of the lens (for reading). This progression is accomplished without disturbing your visual habits and with no visible line in the lens (as with multifocals). Lighter and more esthetic, they are very comfortable, and because there are no lines, no one will know you’re wearing them.

Multifocal lenses (such as bifocals or trifocals) are split into two or more segments: top segments for distance vision and bottom segments for reading. There are visible lines separating the segments. This type of lens leads to an annoying “image jump” when you switch from looking close to looking far. With the advent of progressive lenses, multifocal lenses are becoming obsolete and typically viewed as a lens for “older” folks.

Reading glasses are specifically designed to help your close vision. They act much like a magnifying glass, providing only one magnification strength to aid in close vision applications. For aid in distance vision applications, like driving, you’ll need another pair of glasses.


Demanding lifestyles deserve a truly progressive lens. With so many individual lifestyles, activities and needs, presbyopes have become tough customer to please.